Dashboard Features

Last Updated: Nov 30, 2016 10:18AM PST

Your UserTesting Dashboard is where you’ll create your tests, watch videos, and compile findings to easily share with colleagues and stakeholders. This section covers all of the key features of the UserTesting Dashboard.

Step 1. On your dashboard, select your video(s).


Step 2. Click on Actions.


Step 3. Select from the drop down menu.


From here you can perform a few actions:

Send Videos

Feel free to share your video with team members, colleagues or stakeholders. All you need is the recipient's email address and a from email address. You can even copy yourself to these messages.

Note: Your recipient doesn't need a UserTesting log in to view the video.


Publish Videos

Publish a video so colleagues without a UserTesting account can still view your videos. You can create a published link to one video or a list of videos.


Once you see your published videos in a new window, you can share the URL that is created.


Download Videos

Use the "Download Videos" action to download the your video in an MP4 format and watch sessions offline. (For more formatting options, download directly from the video player.)


Embed Videos


Export to Excel

Download an Excel report with a comprehensive summary of your session(s). This export will provide details on the:

  • test tasks
  • tester demographics
  • tester's system and browser information
  • written questions
  • any metrics
  • annotations
  • clips
  • participant answers to screener questions


Session Details

Once you launch a study, you can view the details of that study on your dashboard. Here you can view the details of your study as well as add more users or view the final session/video.


Sessions Tab - Add more users, create similar tests, watch the video, view written question responses or leave notes for the video

Details Tab - See what demographics you selected, the tasks and screener questions (if any)

Metrics Tab - If you have metric features this is where you can see the results of your study

Net Promoter Score Tab - the last default question in the post test questionnaire calculates a Net Promote Score (NPS). If you kept the question in the study, you'll find the NPS located in this tab. For more info on NPS click here.

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