Best Practices

Last Updated: Nov 30, 2016 10:22AM PST

Test with 5 Participants

We recommend a sample size of 5 participants per segment, per study. We typically find that the majority of usability issues and insights are found with the first 5 participants of a study.
Learn more here.

Validate Your Screeners

Even if you include a screener question in your test plan, use the first task to have the tester explain who they are. This is a easy method for validating that your tester is the right fit for your test. For example:

  • Task 1: In the screener question you mentioned you were [insert specific example]. Please take a moment to tell us about [insert specific example].

Tips for Writing Great Questions

- Avoiding leading questions.

- If you have access the the Customer Experience Analytics, use the rating scale questions. They’ll help you quickly get quantitative data.

- Use “why” and “how” questions.

- If you need to emphasize something in a question or task, you can use caps or asterisks.

- Your video will be 15-20 minutes, so include enough questions for that amount of time.

- If you’d like to include multiple questions or follow-ups within one screen, use letters to separate them out, for example:

  • Tell us about [insert specific example]
  • a. [question 1]
  • b. [question 2]

Find more information here.

Dry Runs (or Pilot Sessions)

Run one session first, then scale to a larger group of testers.

We recommend that you launch one test as a dry run, when you start a new study. Dry runs help to ensure that all assets included in the study work properly, all tasks are made clear to participants, and that you get the desired feedback from the study. Once you review the pilot video you can move forward with releasing the test or making edits to your study.

You can launch the same test by adding more users or by creating a similar test. Learn more here


Create Similar Tests

Save time by using the Create Similar Test button if you need to run the same study with only a few changes to the participants, screeners, tasks, or written questions. If you need to change a website test to an app test, you'll have to create a brand new test. Learn more here.


Save Test Drafts

By saving a draft of a test, you can edit, finish, or launch it at a later time. You can also create drafts to have colleagues review a study before launching it.


Pro tip: Give the test a title before you select Save so you can find it in your drafts.


Find all test drafts under the Drafts tab on your dashboard.


Watching Videos

- Don’t have the time to watch a whole video? You can increase the speed! Takes notes in the annotation area as you watch at 2x speed.

- Create clips and put them into a highlight reel for easy sharing with your team. This will help your team focus on pain points or wins.

- If the tester in your video isn’t great, rate them with a 1 or 2 star rating. UserTesting can offer to replace the tester.
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