How to Post a Mobile Website Test

Last Updated: Nov 30, 2016 10:22AM PST

Start testing your mobile sites and apps today with these instructions.

Note: Only admin level members can launch and order tests.

Step 1. Log in
Log into your dashboard.

Step 2. Create a Test
Click Create A New Test on the top right of your dashboard.


Step 3. Website or App Test
Select whether you will be testing a website or an app. For this mobile test we will select "test a website".


Step 4. Choose Your Target Audience
You have a choice of selecting the type of device, as well as the platform. 

Pro Tip: Use the Other Requirements or Screeners field for device specifications i.e. iPhone 5s running iOS 7.0 or later

Choose your target audience by adjusting 5 available demographic fields. You can indicate the number of participants you'd like to take the test.

Read more about choosing a target audience.


Note: There are fewer demographic fields to adjust with mobile tests compared to a desktop test.

You can further customize your demographics with the help of screener questions. This is an optional feature you can choose to use if the demographic fields above do not cover your needed requirements. Read more about screeners here. Screeners are only available on certain subscription plans. 

Please note that you now have the option to conduct mobile tests with our Mobile Screen Recorder or Camera.

Learn more about the Mobile Screen Recorder here.

Step 5. Select a Device Type
You have a choice of selecting smartphone or tablet as well as platform (iOS or Android).

Usage Tip: Use the "Other Requirements" field or Screeners for device specifications i.e. iPhone 5s running iOS 7.0 or later

Step 6. Provide Starting Instructions
Provide starting instructions by entering the starting URL and a scenario. Users will be automatically directed to your provided URL at the beginning of their test and the scenario will help participants know what mindset they should be in during their test.

Step 7. Select Tasks
Input the questions and tasks you'd like participants to complete during your test. You can also refer to our bank of popular tasks if you're not sure what tasks and questions to ask.


Step 8. Written Questions
After participants finish recording their session, they’ll see a pop up questionnaire with 1 - 4 questions requiring a written response. You can use the pre-populated questions that are included in every test or write your own.


Step 9. Review and Launch Test
Review your test details before launching your test!
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